mary_dall SCAM

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Description: 08.10.2021 I'll tell you what happened. She had a goal for 10000 tokens "pussy dildo" and then the dude starts giving her 2000-3000 tokens, in total he donated over 15000. As soon as she gets the amount she needs, she starts denying it and saying she can't and won't do it because she's "shy." Not too long ago she was showing her pussy in a public chat room and now she's shy, Ahaha, that's funny :) Then she wanted to cheat and put a dildo in her pussy a few times without taking her shorts off, but she eventually gave up on that idea too. She then set herself a new goal of "sucking the dildo" and continued broadcasting as if nothing had happened. Anyway, if you see her goal "dildo in pussy" next time, you'd better not throw tokens at her, and if you have no place to spend your tokens, you better throw them to me, at least I'll record a video for you) P.S. chat recorded separately on the phone, so it is so crooked in the video is displayed.